Love Song inside iPad Smart Cover Box dsc 1015

Seeing Red in China這個專講中國事的部落格,最近收到了一封有趣的信,信中的內容是有關暗藏在Apple包裝盒裡的一首情歌……


Just wanted to share with you a message I received from my soon-to-be brother-in-law. He wrote:


On a completely unrelated and weird note, a few minutes ago I was breaking apart the box for the smart cover I recently bought for my iPad and discovered Chinese writing on the inner cardboard surface of the box. The writing was hidden between two layers that were glued together and I only found it because I was physically breaking apart the box. We immediately started to speculate about what it could possibly say and then I realized you may be able to read it. Anyway, if you have a minute and if you’re interested, would you mind taking a look at the attached picture for us? I’m praying it’s not the last will and testament of a depressed Foxconn worker or something terrible like that. More than likely it’s probably nothing, but we’re curious to know either way. Thanks a lot for your help.

這是一次詭異而且從未被發現的事。我為了我最近入手的新iPad買了一個Smart Cover,並且在幾分鐘前打開了盒子。打開之後,我在紙盒內側發現了中文字。這些中文字藏在盒子被黏住的夾層中,要不是我把盒子整個撕開來,我也不會發現這些字。我們立刻開始猜想這些中文字可能的內容,之後我想到也許您可以讀的出來。


The image is attached. Kind of hard to read, but it turns out it is not a suicide note, but a forlorn love letter. Nonetheless, it’s a good reminder that things like ipads may look like sterile, perfectly homogeneous products of the future, but are actually made by real people with real (if slightly melodramatic) feelings. I also like the idea that the author assumed the message could be thrown into the Apple distribution network like a bottle into the ocean, with virtually no chance that it would ever be seen–but it was!

Anyway, just thought it was a cool anecdote that might be of interest to you / your team.





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