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特別的是,Lovestagram本身就是一個由Instagram創辦人Mike Krieger的女友,Kaitlyn Trigger送給他的情人節禮物。


On October 1st, 2010, my boyfriend Mike Krieger and I moved into our first apartment together. On October 6th, he launched Instagram with his co-founder Kevin Systrom. Mike came home at 6AM the next morning, exhilarated and exhausted. I snapped what's still one of my favorite photos of him:

在2010年10月1日,我與我的男朋友Mike krieger搬進了我們的第一間公寓。10月6日,他與Kevin Systrom一起推出了Instagram。Mike在隔天早上六點回到家裡,非常疲憊,同時也非常高興。當時,我拍下了至今仍是我最喜歡的一張他的相片。

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Over the past year and a half, Instagram has attracted over 15 million users and hundreds of millions of beautiful photos. It hasn't been a cake-walk for Mike, who's constantly on call in case Justin Bieber posts a shirtless photo. Yet despite the long hours, the unpredictable server crises, and all the media attention, Mike has always found time to make me feel special.

在過去的一年半裡,Instagram吸引了超過1,500萬名使用者以及成千上萬張美麗的相片。這對Mike來說從來都不是一件簡單的事,他一直都在應付Justin Bieber在Instagram上傳打赤膊相片的事。儘管在長時間的工作、無法預測的伺服器當機以及所有的媒體關注下,Mike總是會找出時間來讓我驚訝。

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To return the favor, I built Lovestagram. I started from scratch, learning Python, Django, Jinja, HTML, CSS, jQuery, and Photoshop (whew!). I had a lot of help from my amazing friends: Jesse Farmer, Jon Cowperthwait, JP Cozzati, Andrew Le, Dane Hurtubise, and of course, Mike himself.

為了報答他,我製作了Lovestagram。我從零開始學習Python、Django、Jinja、HTML、CSS、jQuery以及Photoshop(呦!)。許多好朋友也給了我很大的幫助,包含Jesse Farmer、Jon Cowperthwait、JP Cozzati、Andrew Le、Dane Hurtubise。當然,還有Mike。

Happy Valentine's Day, and thanks for using Lovestagram.


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