Allen Paltrow welcom to apple store fifth avenue

Allen Paltrow 當年是一個十歲的男孩,被當時的Apple CEO,Steve Jobs邀請參加紐約第五大道Apple Store旗艦店的開幕活動。隨後,他還與家人一起參觀了Apple的Cupertino總部園區。

一個十歲的男孩如何得到Steve Jobs的邀請?除了熱情之外,他還把他的熱情刻到了他腦袋後面。



My Experience with Jobs and Apple


Growing up I was a huge apple fan-boy (fine, still am.) The first NY apple store in Soho opening was probably the coolest thing that happened to me between the ages 6 and 12. For a while I would spend almost every weekend there. Every year for halloween I was a mac, and I made a habit of shaving the Apple logo into my head to celebrate every OS launch.

在我成長的過程中,我是個Apple的超級粉絲(好吧,現在還是)。在我六到十二歲時,紐約第一間Apple Store在Soho開幕是我覺得最棒最酷的事。有一段時間,我幾乎每週末都會跑到那邊去。每年的萬聖節我都會裝扮成Mac,而且每次新OS發佈時,我都會把我的頭剃出一個Apple標幟來慶祝。

Allen Paltrow shaveing Apple logo into head

My neighbor Brooke mentioned that Steve Jobs, busy as he is, always reads email sent to his public address. I think I was around 10 or 12, and I sent a very enthusiastic and grammatically incorrect message including a picture of my shaved head.

我的鄰居Brooke說,Steve Jobs雖然很忙,不過還是會去看寄到他的公開電子信箱的郵件。我記得我當時大概是十或是十二歲,寄了一封非常熱情,並且文法不太正確的信,並附上我剃頭的相片。

Apparently he forwarded it to the head of Public Relations, Katie, and I got invited to the opening of the 5th Avenue Cube. I can never thank them enough. This was probably the high point of my childhood.


Allen Paltrow welcom to apple store fifth avenue

Allen Paltrow and Steve Jobs in fifth avenue

Allen Paltrow shake with Steve Jobs

Allen Paltrow and Steve Jobs thumb

Allen Paltrow shake with Ron Johnson in aple store fifth avenue

Allen Paltrow and Steve Jobs

Allen Paltrow and boy with blue coat and steve jobs

Apparently the kid in the blue coat just said “I’m Apple’s biggest fan” to which Steve replied, “what about that guy”


Tumblr lqho9mxyAA1qjwuh2

David Pogue snapping Allen Paltrow

There’s David Pogue snapping a picture outside.  

這張相片是David Pogue在店外面拍照。

(註:David Pogue為紐約時報科技專欄作者,以及CBS新聞特派員。)

Allen Paltrow and apple logo on the head
Allen Plaltrow sporting the Apple logo in his hair at the 5th Avenue Apple store opening in 2006

Apple was my childhood. I know a lot of techies feel the same way. Steve Jobs will be missed. I hope his resignation lets him spend the time with his family that he couldn’t while running Apple.

Apple是我的童年。我知道許多科技人也有相同的感覺。Steve Jobs將會被大家永遠懷念。我希望他的辭職能讓他將以前營運Apple所花費的時間,用來陪伴他的家人。



First, a challenger approaches! Apparently the “boy in the blue coat” is none other than Alex Godin, son of Seth Godin, and active in the startup community.

首先,挑戰者出現了!顯然那個「穿著藍色外套的小朋友」是Seth Godin的兒子,同時也在在創業社群中活躍的Alex Godin

Alex Godin

My pic:

Allen Paltrow and boy with blue coat and steve jobs 2

His pic (via Seth Godin):

Boy with blue coat with steve jobs

What a small world. Alex, there is plenty of room for Apple fans.


Second, to those who wanted to see the Halloween costume I mentioned, here are a few pics. The screen had a plastic bag that you could put candy in, and it would turn on a horizontal axis and empty into a larger bag inside the box.


Allen Paltrow Halloween costume

Allen Paltrow Halloween costume 2

Allen Paltrow Halloween costume 3

現在,Allen Paltrow已經是個十九歲的大學生,就讀於普林斯頓大學計算機科學二年級。

He was the first celebrity of any type that I could recognize.


Allen Paltrow如此敘述。

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