2001 Apple Store Steve Jobs Tim Cook Ron Johnson

Tim Cook, Steve Jobs and Ron Johnson in Apple Store, 2001

當Steve Jobs在2001年宣布開設第一家Apple Store直營店時,所有的人都說這是個錯誤,並且篤定Apple會在一年內關閉直營店。而今天,Apple在全球擁有超過300家直營店,並且店內每坪的獲利能利超過Tiffany。

以下是由IFOAppleStore的Gary Allen所整理,Steve Jobs與前Apple零售副總裁Ron Johnson在各種場合與訪談中對於Apple Store直營店的敘述……

“Mr. Jobs said that Apple wants, ‘the best buying experience’ for its products, and that most of the resellers weren’t investing enough in their stories (sic) or making other selling improvements.”


Ron Johnson, 2004

“As I look at Apple, I think of Steve’s first three words when he hired me, and his first three words when he talked to analysts and press about retail. He said, ‘Retailing is hard.’ And we’re going to operate with a little bit of fear, because retailing is a hard business.”


Ron Johnson, 2006 於ThinkEquity金融分析會議

“The world was really different, but in May of 2001 we opened our first store. Here, in an industry that was dominated by Dell, by falling prices, by low margins and we were a company losing money, where the only other retail strategy was going out of business, we said, ‘Even though we have only 3 percent of the market, we’re going to make this work.’ And here are the three words that everybody said… Are you crazy?”


Ron Johnson, 2006

“I sat in a room with Steve, and he put on the table Apple’s product line. And we had four products, two portables and two desktop computers. The iPod wasn’t created yet. And that was a challenge (with only four products). But it ended up being the ultimate opportunity, because we said, because we don’t have enough products to fill a store that size, let’s fill it with the ownership experience. So we quickly moved from a buying experience to an ownership experience–Genius Bars, theaters, and face-to-face help and friendly people. But we had a liberty that most retailers don’t have that are overstuffed with products. You know, you don’t have the space to innovate.”

我和Steve坐在房間,桌上擺著Apple的產品線。我們有四個產品,兩個筆記型電腦與兩個桌上型電腦,當時還沒有iPod,而挑戰就在此(只有四個產品)。但是到最後這變成了終極的機會,因為我們說,我們沒有足夠的產品來填滿整個商店的空間,就讓我們用擁有體驗來填滿吧。因此,我們快速地將焦點從購買體驗轉移到擁有體驗──Genius Bar、劇院、面對面的協助與友善的人們。另外,我們還有一個其他零售商沒有的自由。他們被過多的產品塞滿店面,他們沒有足夠的空間來創新。

Ron Johnson, 2005 於零售大會

“I imagined it as a store for everyone, a place that would be welcoming to all ages and where people could feel they truly belonged.”


Ron Johnson, 2006

“We’re going to break the norm. We’re going to be a store for everyone. PC owners, Mac owners. Small business, consumers. Eighty year-olds trying to connect with their grandkids. Grandkids trying to get on a computer for the first time. Forget the conventional wisdom of retail that it’s all about specializing.”


Ron Johnson, 2006

“It was very simple. The Mac faithful will drive to a destination, right? They’ll drive somewhere special just to do that. But people who own Windows—we want to convert them to Mac. They will not drive somewhere special. They don’t think they want a Mac. They will not take the risk of a 20-minute drive in case they don’t like it. But if we put our store in a mall or on a street that they’re walking by, and we reduce that risk from a 20-minute drive to 20 footsteps, then they’re more likely to go in because there’s really no risk. So we decided to put our stores in high-traffic locations. And it works.”

這非常簡單。Mac的忠實粉絲會驅車前往,對吧?他們會從某個地方特意開車到Apple Store。但是Windows的用戶們,我們想要他們轉而使用Mac。他們自己不會覺得他們想要一台Mac,也不會為了他們可能不喜歡的東西冒險花上20分鐘的車程。但是,如果我們把商店放在大型賣場或是他們會經過的街道上,將20分鐘的車程變成20步的距離,他們就更有可能走進去電裡,因為這對他們幾乎沒有任何風險。因此,我們決定把我們的商店放在高交通流量的地方。這顯然管用。

Steve Jobs, 2008年三月對Fortune的訪談

“We do no market research. We don’t hire consultants. The only consultants I’ve ever hired in my 10 years is one firm to analyze Gateway’s retail strategy so I would not make some of the same mistakes they made [when launching Apple’s retail stores]. But we never hire consultants, per se. We just want to make great products.”


Steve Jobs, 2004

“We didn’t think about their experience in the store. We said, let’s design this store around their life experience. We said there’s a bigger idea. Let’s design it around the customer’s life, not the moment when they’re in the store. We said, we want our stores to create an ownership experience for the customer. That’s what we try to create. We like to think that’s where it begins.”


Ron Johnson, 2004

“But the most important thing we set in our design criteria is we wanted to create very distinct experiences for customers, in what they perceive as a public place. More like a great library, which has natural light, and it feels like a gift to the community. In a perfect world, that’s what we want our stores to be. And we don’t want the store to be about the product, but about a series of experiences that make it more than a store.”


Ron Johnson, 2004

“The interesting number, though, to me, is not the financial results, but it’s the people who come to our stores. Because ultimately a store is about customers. And just as Peter Lynch (Fidelity Investments) used to say, you know, ‘Where the people are, that’s where the action will be.’ That’s the nature of our stores.”

對我來說,有趣的並不是財務報告,而是來我們店裡的人們。因為一家店最終都是與顧客相關的。而正如Peter Lynch過去所說的:「人們所在的地方,就是開始行動的地方。」這正是我們商店的本質。

Ron Johnson, 2006

“(Employees say…) My job is to make the store rich with experience for people. It’s not the boring, laborious, I’ve-got-to-move-merchandise and take care of customer problems. I’m suddenly enriching people’s lives. And that’s how we select, that’s how we motivate, that’s how we train our people.”


Ron Johnson, 2004

“Does good design lead to increased sales-profit? The answer is clearly, yes.”


Ron Johnson, 2004

“But I think the one thing that sets apart our stores and Apple, is fundamentally two types of people in the world, in my view. There are believers and there are skeptics. Apple is filled with believers. And believers tend to think of what can be, and they just go do it, and they don’t spend time asking why not. They go and make it happen.”


Ron Johnson, 2004

“The reason Apple is really good, I think, and the reason their stores succeeded, is not just ’cause we know the big idea, but we have a real passion for the littlest detail. It’s legendary in our products. We have the same passion for detail in retail.”


Ron Johnson, 2006

Ron Johnson and Steve Jobs at opening of Apple 5th Ave store ny

Ron Johnson and Steve Jobs at the grand opening of Apple’s 5th Ave. store.

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