Despite being “invented” many years prior, the thing we now recognize as the Ethernet port symbol was actually designed by IBM’s David Hill. According to Hill, the symbol was part of a set of symbols that were all meant to depict the various local area network connections available at the time. 

儘管它在許多年前就已經被「發明」,被我們視為乙太網路接孔的符號實際上是由IBM的David Hill所設計。根據Hill,這個符號是一組符號的其中之一,這組符號是用來敘述當時各種區域網路的連線。

The array of blocks, which are purposefully non-hierarchical, each represent computers/terminals. While Hill makes no specific mention of Bob Metcalfe’s earliest Ethernet sketches, it’s easy to see how the modern symbol uses them for inspiration. 

此方塊集合故意被設計成無階層的、每個代表著電腦或是終端。雖然Hill沒有特別敘述Bob Metcalfe最早的乙太網路草圖,不過很容易可以看出現代符號使用的靈感。

via The Secret Histories of Those @#$%ing Computer Symbols