This terror is known by many names: the hypnowheel of doom, the spinning pizza, the pinwheel of death, the SBBOD (spinning beach ball of death). Apple officially calls it “spinning wait cursor,” but most Mac users hail it with a simple expletive.


It first appeared in Apple’s OSX and continues to indicate that an application is not responding to system events. As many have noted, the SBBOD is actually an evolution of the wristwatch “wait” cursor that the company first used in early versions of the Mac OS.

它在Apple的OS X上首次出現,並且持續指示著軟體沒有在回應系統事件。正如同許多人指出的,SBBOD實際上是個進化的時鐘「等待」標誌,也就是Apple在早期版本的Mac OS中所使用的。

While its design origins remain mysterious, Apple likely dropped the watch as it reminded users of the time passing as the program remained perpetually hung up.


Despite this, the modern iteration has proved only one thing though: it’s entirely possible to despise a pretty, hypnotic spinning wheel.


Update: Thanks to everyone who’s written in about the SBBOD’s link to NeXTstep, the antecendant of OS X. As Giz reader Alex Martin notes, “[the SBBOD] was meant to represent the spinning magneto-optical disk from which NeXTstep OS and applications (very slowly) loaded.”

更新:感謝所有寫下SBBOD與NeXTstep(也就是OSX的前身)之間的關聯的人。就如同Gizmodo讀者Alex Martin所指出的:「SBBOD是象徵磁碟/光碟的旋轉,來代表NeXTstep 的系統或是軟體(非常緩慢地)讀取」。

via The Secret Histories of Those @#$%ing Computer Symbols