While the Play/Pause symbols aren’t native to computers, they’ve made their way onto keyboards, media players (real and virtual), and every other device capable of playing audio or video.  雖然播放/暫停 符號並不是原生於電腦的,不過他們已經被放到了鍵盤、媒體播放器(軟體或硬體的),以及任何可以播放聲音與影像的裝置上。

Unfortunately, neither the right-pointing triangle nor the double pause bars seem to have a definitive origin. They first appeared as tape transport symbols on reel-to-reel tape decks during the mid-1960s. In some cases, they were accompanied by the (double triangle) rewind and fast forward symbols. 


The direction of the play arrow indicated the direction the tape would move. Easy. 


via The Secret Histories of Those @#$%ing Computer Symbols