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You’ve probably heard the story of 10th Century Danish King, Harald Blåtand, as it relates to Bluetooth, right? He was renowned connoisseur of blueberries; at least one of this teeth was permanently stained blue; yadda yadda yadda. What you might not know is that the Bluetooth symbol is actually a combination of the two runes that represent Harald’s initials. 

您可能聽說過10世紀的丹麥國王Harald Blåtand的故事,因為他與Bluetooth有關,對吧?他是一位著名的藍莓鑑賞家,至少有一顆牙齒是永久染成藍色。您可能不知道的是,藍芽符號實際上是兩個北歐文字的組合,代表Harald的縮寫。

It just so happens the first Bluetooth receptor also had a “teeth-like” shape, and was-you guessed it-blue. 


But the symbolic interplay doesn’t end there. As the Bluetooth SIG notes, Blåtand “was instrumental in uniting warring factions in parts of what are now Norway, Sweden, and Denmark – just as Bluetooth technology is designed to allow collaboration between differing industries such as the computing, mobile phone, and automotive markets.” 

不過象徵性的交互作用尚未結束。如同Bluetooth SIG的註記:「Blåtand在統合現今的挪威、瑞典與丹麥等地的敵對派系起了相當大的作用,正如同藍芽技術是設計讓不同產業間能夠合作,像是電腦、行動電話與汽車產業。」

via The Secret Histories of Those @#$%ing Computer Symbols