The iPhone, although locked and frustratingly placed into a walled garden, is the epitome of simplicity. You control it by touching the screen — an intuitive interface that even a toddler can figure out. It’s virtually impossible to change key settings by accident. And if you do somehow mess things up, it’s a cinch to reset the machine back to its pristine, out-of-the-box state.


Why can’t PCs work that way?


將iPhone OS或Windows Phone 7轉移到個人電腦。

One of the big challenges to moving the iPhone or Windows Phone 7 operating system to personal computers involves the multitouch interface. Although Microsoft and Apple have been working for years to integrate multitouch into their respective operating systems, it’s not as easy as starting from scratch — especially for Mac OS X, Apple’s current computer operating system.

將iPhone或是Windows Phone 7的作業系統轉移到個人電腦上,其中一大難題是多點觸控介面。雖然Microsoft與Apple已花了數年的時間將多點觸控技術整合到各自的作業系統上,不過這比從頭開始還要困難。特別是Apple目前的個人電腦作業系統 Mac OS X。

Mac OSX 上 multitouch 的困難。

A former senior Apple engineer, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of confidentiality agreements signed while an employee, explained that adding full multitouch to OS X would require a hefty redesign of many components in the code. “It’s one thing to add multitouch to a few applications, implementing the ability to pinch and zoom from the trackpad on the laptop with the Preview application,” the engineer said. “But it’s a whole different story if you want to implement these technologies on the desktop, or globally on OS X.”

一位前資深Apple工程師(因為有保密條款所以匿名)解釋,將完整的觸控功能加入OS X需要重新撰寫大量組件的程式碼。「將多點觸控功能加入某些軟體,像使用筆記型電腦軌跡板在Preview中以捏指動作縮放圖片是一回事。但是想要將這些科技帶到桌上型電腦或是整個OS X上,是完全不同的。」

類似Front Row的方式?

An easier approach, the Apple engineer indicated, would be to add the iPhone OS as a layer on top of OS X, similar to Apple’s Front Row experience.

此位Apple工程師表示,一個比較簡單的方法是像Apple的Front Row一樣的方式,在OS X上加入 iPhone OS。

Addroid OS的意義

Another former Apple programmer I consulted pointed out that Mac OS X is a “kludged mess of code from past operating systems.” The programmer added that if Apple could start over with the desktop OS, it “would take into consideration that Google’s Android OS is going to look and work almost exactly the same on computers and mobile phones, and it won’t have a desktop feel.”

另外一位前Apple程式設計師指出,Mac OSX是「繼承過去作業系統一團混亂的代碼」,如果Apple可以重新設計桌上型的作業系統,將會考慮像Google Addroid OS那樣,無論在電腦或是手機上外觀與操作上都幾乎相同的設計,而且不會有桌上型電腦的感覺。


If Apple were to adopt an iPhone-like OS for its computers, developers would have to build applications for only one platform, the programmer said, and Apple could even extend the platform to Apple TV. “It’s like Apple has the opportunity for a do-over.”

如果Apple在電腦上採用類似iPhone OS的作業系統,程式開發人員只需要在單一平台上撰寫軟體,Apple甚至可以將平台延伸到Apple TV,這位前Apple程式設計師說明。「這就像Apple有了可以重新來過的機會。」

的確以目前來說,iPhone OS算是目前Apple多點觸控技術應用最徹底的OS。Apple目前似乎也有打算將多點觸控技術轉移到Mac平台上使用,不過至今依然沒有比較完整的方案。以類似Front Row方式來引入多點觸控介面,似乎的確是目前比較可行的方法,不過這也不是根本性的解決方案就是了。


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